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In 2016, End Violence Against Women Coalition found that 64% of women of all ages have experienced sexual harassment in public. From local parks to train stations, women face unwanted sexual attention or harassment daily. As a result, they are forced to take steps to avoid being targeted, such as not walking alone through certain areas.


The stigma around women's menstruation still exists in the UK. As a result, the experience of periods shared by women is rarely spoken about. This especially affects young women who are vulnerable and unable to afford sanitary products because the stigma may stall them from seeking support.


From the unattainable beauty standards of society to shaming women for body hair, body image impacts women on a daily basis in the UK. Feminists across the country are defying the body image pressures of the patriachy and learning to love their bodies, just as they are.



Slavery may seem like a relic from years ago, but today women are still sold for sexual exploitation in the UK. The impacts of sexual exploitation on the victims are unimaginable. More must be done to prevent sex-trafficking and to support the victims in the UK.



Equal pay has been a legal requirement since the Equal Pay Act of 1970. Despite this, pay discrimination against women continues to exist. The education system has a big influence on our society's gender norms that lead girls into lower paying jobs that are less valued by our society.


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