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In 2016, End Violence Against Women Coalition found that 64% of women of all ages have experienced sexual harassment in public. Read here to hear the stories of street harassment and take action to put an end to the misogyny. 


Although it is an experience shared by women, the menstruation cycle is still a stigmatized topic in our society. As a result, many young women living in poverty are unable to seek support and access sanitary products. Read here to hear their stories and find out what you can do to help.


Everyday women are confronted by society's pressure to fit into its beauty standards, which has contributed to eating disorders, particularly in young women. Read here to hear the voices of women who are fighting against society's beauty standards.


While illegal, sex-trafficking continues to take place in the UK. The impact on the victims is unimaginable. More action must be taken to prevent sex-trafficking and support must be given to the women affected. Read here to listen to the victims and take action.


Although equal pay was made a legal requirement in 1970, gender-based discrimination still exists in work. However, the gender pay gap is more complicated than just a man being paid more than a woman (although this happens too). Read here to understand fully what the gender pay gap is. 

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