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Sexuality and gender are a spectrum. As a result there are a multitude of different identities within the LGBTQIA+ community and many microagressions arise from people not using the correct terminology. The path to allyship starts with fully understanding the community. Learn all about it here. 


The UK government has pledged to ban conversion therapy since 2018 but haven't taken any action to actually do so. According to a Stonewall report, 5% of the LGBT population in the UK "have been pressured to access services to question or change their sexual orientation when accessing healthcare services". Read about it here, then take action to make it illegal in the UK. 


Founded in 2004, the Gender Recognition Act is the legislation that determines a

transgender persons right to transition in the UK. The government had

announced a reform of the GRA to make transitioning easier yet following an

inquiry, no action was taken despite 56% of the British public being in favour of a

trans person's right to self identify.  Find out here how this affects the daily lives of

transgender people living in the UK and what you can do to help. 


According to the NHS, referrals to gender clinics treating trans adults

increased by 240% in five years yet government funding for supporting

these clinics has stagnated. As a result, young people wait up to 18 months

for an initial appointment and adults up to 4 years. These delays have

driven many to self medicate unlicensed hormones and some even to

suicide. Find out about it here and then pressure the government to take


There are 72 jurisdictions around the world that still criminalise private,

consensual sexual activity between adults of the same sex and 11 that

impose the death penalty. The rights of LGBTQ+ people are being rolled

back in many countries across the world. Learn about a few of the ongoing

injustices here and help the international effort to aid the community. 


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