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Protesters around the world are demanding change. 

Demonstrations across the world share motivations, including economic inequality, corruption, and poor governance.


As political systems continue to be unresponsive, people are pushing and demanding to have their voices heard. 

Learn, Organise and Take action to make a difference today.



Lebanon, with its crippling economy and corrupt politics, was already on the brink of devastation. When the Beirut explosion tore through the city, over 300,000 people were left homeless and over 137 died. Protests have been frequent since October of 2019, but the anti-government protests in response to the explosion finally drove the Prime Minister and his cabinet to resign. 



Since the re-election of Andrzej Duda, the incumbent far-right nationalist president, protestors have taken to the streets to oppose the "family charter" policies which promote the traditional family and exclude those with gender/sex preferences. Hundreds of Polish nationalists and defenders of gay rights faced off in central Warsaw  as the LGBTQ+ community defended their increasingly threatened rights whilst the nationalists arranged a "stop aggression by LGBT" protest. 



President Alexander Lukashenko has ruled the ex-Soviet nation for 26 years, but is now facing opposition protests fuelled by the worsening economy and rigged election results. Since then, over 7000 have been arrested, with 300 injured . at least 2 dead. The leader of the opposition party has been forced to flee the country due to threats against her family and evidence of violence towards prisoners is emerging as the country is able to access the internet.  



Reccep Tayip Erdogan's reign over Turkey as an elected dictator has reached another level. With an influential involvement in the middle east and as a key trading partner for the EU, the dictator has been difficult to keep at bay. His religious beliefs for the nation have also placed Turkish women at greater risk of domestic abuse and violence. Thousands of women have taken to the streets to protest gender-based violence when the government withdrew from the domestic violence treaty. 



For decades, Palestine have been experiencing persistent annexation. Illegal Israeli settlements are springing up so quickly, with most recently, Jerusalem being declared by staunch Israel-supporter, Trump, as the capital of Israel. Hundreds of Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip rallied against normalisation which legitimises the occupation of Palestinian land. Protesters on Wednesday burned Israeli and US flags, trampled on posters of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump, and chanted "normalisation is betrayal to Jerusalem and Palestine". 

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