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This crisis is the defining issue of our generation.  If temperatures are not kept to below 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels, this planet will suffer immeasurable consequences from the loss of all seafront cities and the refugee crisis that would follow, to the mass starvation caused by the lack of fish stocks in our oceans.

So make no mistake, this is the most important issue of our age as it sees the potential for Human influences to cause the sixth extinction of life on this planet.

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The Coronavirus crisis has shown us that the world can adapt rapidly to serious situations and individuals will change their behaviour if threatened.  The Climate Crisis needs to be dealt with in a similarly urgent manner because it does have threatening consequences – the end of the all Human life

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The effects of the Climate Crisis can be seen as far removed from the UK as it seems like the consequences are felt by other countries. However, whilst the UK does not feel it the worst, our country is certainly still in danger. From the food we eat to the towns we live in - everything will change

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The agriculture industry contributes 37% of the anthropogenic (Human influenced) green house gases and the fishing industry is so unsustainable that salt water fish will be extinct by 2048.   These are the most underestimated contributors to the crisis but now you can help stop it!

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Renewable energy now makes up 40% of the UK's electricity generation but this must be much higher for it to be sustainable. To become carbon-neutral countries like the UK must be more active in pursuing clean energy goals 

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This is a looming crisis which already displaces millions each year but by 2050 will put 200 million people into climate refugee status, and with no protection as official 'refugees' they are open to further persecution. This will become a serious issue for the UK but we can act now to prevent it!

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