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The ‘othering’ of people has been happening for centuries. The European colonial period accelerated the spread of racial supremacism and enshrined much of it in law and societal attitudes that stay with us to this day. Modern society is steeped in racial bigotry from the beauty standards in fashion to what residential buildings get safe cladding.


Whether it be racism against black people, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism or any other hierarchical view of race, this page is dedicated to learning where it is and how it is happening, and where we cannot fully explain there will be links to organisations who can.

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Schools are where children learn the skills and attitudes, they take with them throughout their lives.  Teaching anti-racism in them could create a new generation of bias conscious people. However, now we do not do this and instead foster a mentality of segregation and exclusivity.

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Racial biases permeate through UK society from the fashions we wear to the houses we live in.  People of from ethnic minorities in the UK suffer from outdated laws as well as social norms and business practices. This reaches to the top of government with only 6% of the ruling party coming from ethnic minorities.

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This area is the focus of US protests but policing in the UK is not innocent as black and ethnic minorities suffer from vastly disproportionate arrest rates, taser usage and profiling. Almost three decades on from Stephen Lawrence’s murder highlighted institutional racism in police forces, there is still so much that needs to change.

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Mass media and entertainment alike under-represent people of colour, this is most clearly shown by the treatment of Meghan Markle by British press, but it stems much deeper. This problem is not even subtle as The Sun claimed “1 in 5 Muslims’ sympathy for jihadis”, of which many examples can be found across UK newspapers.

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The colonial pursuits of Europeans started an age of wealth extraction from, what is now known as, the Global South which lead to the impoverishment of millions.  A scar that remains to this day and is continually perpetuated by debt traps and the manipulation of international organisations and leads to so many conflicts you can learn about here.

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